Where, When and How To Return Your Toyota Lease at Downeast Toyota

Where To Return Your Toyota Lease in the Bangor Area 

Is the lease on your Toyota RAV4 almost up? Are you ready to lease the brand-new 2021 Toyota Venza? Are you unsure about the next steps? Learn more about your Toyota lease-end options with this guide to Toyota leases by Downeast Toyota that will teach you where to return your Toyota lease in the Bangor area.  

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Toyota Lease-End Options and Procedures Bangor ME 

Did you sign a 36-month, low-mileage lease on your Toyota Camry? Did you know that you have three options when the lease ends? When your Toyota lease ends, you can – return your Toyota lease and lease or purchase a brand-new Toyota, return your Toyota lease or purchase your Toyota lease. Here is what you need to do when your lease ends. 

Return Your Toyota Lease 

Prior to the return of your Toyota lease, you will need to schedule a FREE lease inspection 15 – 60 days before your lease ends. The inspection will check for additional wear and tear on your Toyota lease and mileage overages. Drivers can make any necessary repairs prior to its return. When the inspection and repairs are complete, you will need to schedule a lease return appointment at the originating dealership. Here is what you will need when you return your Toyota lease. 

  • Toolkit and Spare Tire 
  • All Toyota Keys/Key Fobs 
  • Toyota Owner’s Manual 
  • All Original Equipment  
  • Record of Mileage and Repairs 
  • Toyota Odometer Statement 

Purchase Your Toyota Lease 

Have you loved your time behind the wheel of your Toyota Highlander? Do you want to purchase your Toyota Highlander lease? It is a simple process at Downeast Toyota. Login to your Toyota Financial Services account or contact Toyota Financial Services by calling 1-800-286-0652 to find out how much is owed on your Toyota lease and send payment to your dealership. Contact the Downeast Toyota sales team with any questions. 

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Learn more about how, when and where to return your Toyota lease in the Bangor area with this quick Toyota lease overview created by Downeast Toyota. Visit the Downeast Toyota online inventory today to find a Toyota car, truck or crossover that you would love to lease! 

September 24, 2020
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