Where can I adopt an animal around Brewer, ME?

Four animal shelters and rescues in the area 

Ready for a new companion? The animals at shelters in your area would love to go home with you. Below, you can learn about four shelters near Brewer, ME, where Downeast Toyota is located. Be sure to stop in for an oil change before your next long drive.  

Map of animal shelters and rescues near Bangor and Brewer, ME 

Here you can see the location of the four shelters we have listed below. While The Ark and SPCA of Hancock County are a little further from Brewer, they might be worth the drive if you find the perfect pet. There are plenty of other shelters and rescues in our area to check out, but we’re highlighting just these four here today.  

The Animal Orphanage Old Town, ME 

The animal orphanage saves homeless dogs and cats and helps them find new homes. Check out their site for adoption prices and adoptable animals. Plus, you can learn about other ways to help including cat fostering. 

Bangor Humane Society Bangor, ME 

The Bangor Humane Society is a well-known shelter in our area which offers special programs to help match the right animal to the right person. One of these is Barn Buddies, which helps people find outdoor cats for their farmhouses.  

The Ark Animal Shelter Cherryfield, ME 

At the Ark Animal Shelter, you can sponsor a pet for adoption, make recurring donations, and help out in other ways. Of course, adoption is the best way to make a difference in the life of one animal, and this shelter offers dogs, cats, and other animals the opportunity to find new homes. 

SPCA Hancock County Trenton, ME 

Like the other shelters on this list, The SPCA Hancock County lets you view available animals online, make donations, and learn about the shelter. You can also apply for adoption online, saving you a trip to the shelter. 

July 16, 2022
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