Charge Your Smartphone On the Go with Toyota Qi Wireless Charging

What is Toyota Qi Wireless Charging?

If you have ever been driving and had your phone die, you understand the frustration that comes with a missing or misplaced mobile phone charger. Toyota engineers have helped put those days behind you with the availability of Qi wireless charging in your new 2016 Toyota Tacoma and other Toyota editions. Delve deeper into this Toyota technology and get answers to the question — what is Toyota Qi wireless charging — right here at Downeast Toyota.
The 2016 Toyota Tacoma is just the latest edition to add Qi wireless charging to its arsenal, countless other vehicles in the Toyota model lineup offer this convenient feature as well. An innovative element of the 2016 Toyota Prius design, wireless charging will allow you to keep your phone fully charged without having to worry about finding your phone charger. Qi wireless charging employs inductive power transfer to charge compatible mobile devices, including smartphones and select MP3 players. Take a closer look at how Toyota Qi wireless charging works below.

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How Does Toyota Qi Wireless Charging Work?

New-age Toyota Qi wireless charging systems feature a power transmission pad or charging station that is often located in front of the shifter. When you place your compatible device in the charging station, the Qi wireless technology pairs with a receiver in your device. These elements then work in conjunction, using electromagnetic induction to recharge your dying battery.

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While all of that may sound technical and complicated, the process for charging a smartphone in your new 2016 Toyota Tacoma is very simple. The charging station in your Toyota Tacoma is located in the center console tray forward of the shift lever. Follow the quick steps below to learn how to use Qi wireless charging. We have also provided an entertaining video that illustrates the capabilities of this new feature.

  • Place your Qi compatible device in the Toyota Tacoma charging tray.
  • Ensure there is nothing between your device and the charging surface.
  • Press the wireless charging switch.
  • An amber indicator light will go on while charging is in progress.
  • The indicator light will turn green when charging is complete.
  • Be aware that some phone cases may prevent the green indicator light from turning on, so monitor your phone’s charge.

We hope that we have answered your questions about — what Toyota Qi wireless charging is and how it works. This new and innovative technology feature will prove to be an asset for many Toyota drivers who are always on the go. For more information on which Toyota models in the Downeast Toyota inventory offer Qi wireless charging, contact the dealership sales team directly. Our sales professionals will point you toward a Toyota model that will fit your needs and lifestyle.

February 24, 2016
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