The possibilities are nearly endless with 2016 Sienna

What is available on the 2016 Toyota Sienna near Bangor, ME

Among the available Toyota inventory found at Downeast Toyota, some overlook the 2016 Toyota Sienna as one of the technological leaders. From just about any angle, the highly popular Toyota minivan is able to offer an array of equipment and accessories that very few other vehicle platforms can match. From the very start, the 2016 Sienna stands out from the pack with one of the most flexible and adaptable interiors in the entire automotive industry. On a closer look, the Toyota Sienna is the only minivan in its class that offers all-wheel drive as an option. These are just the top-of-the-page features, the real value comes with what is available on the 2016 Toyota Sienna near Bangor, ME.
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Tough choices to make from the beginning
When a customer arrives at Downeast Toyota and tells their sales professional that they are interested in the 2016 Sienna, that representative will start asking what specific needs they have in a vehicle. This will lead into a discussion of the five available trim-grades, L, LE, SE, XLE and Limited. Of these choices, the LE, XLE and Limited have the option of adding the class-exclusive all-wheel drive system. All versions of the 2016 Sienna are powered by the same smooth, 3.5-liter, V-6 engine making 266 horsepower. In addition to being able to use more than 120 cubic-feet of cargo space in the 2016 Sienna, all trims will have the Tow Prep Package and the necessary components to pull up to 3,500 pounds.

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A fun-to-drive minivan exists? Yes.
One of many reasons why the 2016 Toyota Sienna holds such a marked lead over the rest of the class is that it offers very exciting handling and driving profiles. This is especially true of the 2016 Sienna SE. This trim grade stands out from the rest by offering low-profile headlights as well as LED daytime running lamps to further accent the vehicle’s muscular and athletic profile. Sport-tuned suspension, special 19-inch wheels and other elements show how this is the vehicle for families to enjoy in all aspects of driving.

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Control the crowd with comfort and convenience
Enough cannot be said about the excellent interior options for the 2016 Toyota Sienna, available at Downeast Toyota. Depending on trim grade choice and customer need, the interior of the new Sienna can seat seven or eight passengers. Maximum seating capacity requires two rear rows of bench seats, while a pair of second-row captain’s chairs are also available. Both options are very adaptable and make it very easy to adjust for adults to enter and exit the vehicle. Also, the passenger cabin is filled with several storage options, this includes cubbies of all sizes and more than enough cup holders to make sure everyone has a secure place to set their drinks.
There are a couple of other elements that may be especially helpful to parents. Making a return for the 2016 model-year is the Driver Easy Speak system. Using the same microphone that is used for the hands-free calling system, drivers can use the existing speakers from the stereo system to project their voice to the back of the vehicle. Also available on the top trims is a multimedia entertainment system. Downeast Toyota buyers can have a pair of monitors set up in the vehicle that can play media from Blu-Ray/DVD systems or today’s top video game consoles.

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If you would like to find out more about what is available with the 2016 Toyota Sienna near Bangor, ME, schedule an appointment with a Downeast Toyota sales professional today.

December 31, 2015
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