What is capable with the Toyota Entune system?

What can you do with Entune?

Today’s modern vehicles have nearly passed the barrier where a model could be considered as much a rolling computer as it is an automobile. Most manufacturers have some sort of system in place that allows drivers and passengers to access information stored outside of the vehicle, whether that be music or GPS navigation functions. For Downeast Toyota customers looking at just about any Toyota vehicle, these functions are carried out by Toyota’s Entune system. Having this capability allows for buyers to have an easy-to-use infotainment system at their fingertips. So, what can you do with Entune?
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One of the more forward-thinking features of the Toyota Entune system is that there is a version for just about everybody and their level of comfort with technology or particular need. Most Toyota vehicles are available with at least the most basic options, while many others have the option to upgrade to more feature-packed models. There are four versions of Entune Multimedia Units for buyers to choose from, Entune Audio, Entune Audio Plus, Entune Premium Audio with Integrated Navigation and App Suite and Entune Premium JBL Audio with Integrated Navigation and App Suite.
What are the differences among the Entune versions?
At the most basic level, each version of Entune adds features and capability for customers to utilize as they wish. The entry-level system, Entune Audio can be controlled with a large touchscreen and offers AM/FM Radio with CD player and supports Bluetooth connectivity, voice recognition and Siri Eyes Free. The Siri function is largely available on most 2016 Toyota models. At that point, each version continues to add features and expand the capabilities of what Entune can do for an owner.
Entune Audio Features

  • 6.1-in.-8-in. touchscreen
  • AM/FM/CD
  • Ports for iPod/USB/Aux
  • Bluetooth
  • Contact list access
  • Voice recognition
  • Siri Eyes Free

Entune Audio Plus adds

  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  • HD Radio
  • HD Traffic/Weather
  • Scout GPS Link

Entune Premium Audio adds

  • AM/FM Radio Cache
  • Integrated GPS Navigation
  • Entune App Suite

Entune Premium JBL Audio adds

  • JBL speaker/audio system

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Bluetooth functions
Using Bluetooth to wirelessly connect most new cell phones (even non-smartphones) to a vehicle’s infotainment system has become fairy common place. What sets Entune apart from this basic feature is the array of different things that can be done with it. The most common thing an owner can do with a Bluetooth device connected to Entune is make and receive calls without having to look away from the road or have a driver take their hands off of the wheel. Much of this can be done with steering wheel-mounted controls. Even the most basic version of Entune is able to connect to a phone’s contact list for easier communication.
Music lovers or those on the podcast bandwagon can listen to their favorite media by streaming from the files from the device to Entune. Don’t worry, this doesn’t count against your data plan.
What does the Entune GPS offer?
GPS navigation is available on all versions of Entune above the base unit. Actually providing the GPS function is a system called Scout GPS Link. For the most part, all GPS information is the same regardless of how a vehicle collects it; all GPS information comes from the same source. What makes Entune special is how it presents this information to users. Drivers of properly-equipped Toyota vehicles, will be able to view maps in two or three dimensions, save commonly used routes, display speed, use voice recognition and get predictive traffic updates.
If you would like to see a full demonstration of what you can do with Toyota Entune, contact a Downeast Toyota sales professional today.

December 31, 2015
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