How Do the Toyota Remote Connect Features Work in My Toyota?

What Are the Toyota Remote Connect Features? 

In a world that always seems to move at a hundred miles an hour, innovative technology like Toyota Remote Connect can make life just a little simpler for families on the go and we are here to help at Downeast Toyota in Bangor, ME. Toyota Remote Connect allows drivers to use their smartphone or smartwatch to connect to and control various features of their 2022 Toyota Tacoma. Find an answer to the question – what are the Toyota Remote Connect features – with a quick overview created by the team here at Downeast Toyota.

What Does Toyota Remote Connect Do? 

Toyota Remote Connect Services are available to drivers via the easy-to-use Toyota App. With the Toyota App downloaded onto your smartphone or smartwatch, you will have unfettered access to vehicle information and features that include remote start – a great feature during the winter months. Here is a quick look at what Toyota Remote Connect Services and the Toyota App will provide access to in your brand-new Toyota.

Vehicle Status Alerts 

Did you remember to get gas? Use Toyota Remote Connect to check your fuel level, odometer, window status and door locks.  

Door Lock/Unlock 

We have all forgotten to lock our car doors a time or two. Use the Toyota App on your smartphone to remotely lock or unlock your car doors. 

Remote Start 

When winter arrives in Maine, you will want to warm up your vehicle in the morning. Toyota Remote Connect allows drivers to remote start compatible Toyota cars, trucks or SUVs via the smartphone app. 

Last Parked Location 

Did you forget where you parked? Find your Toyota in a crowded parking lot with the Toyota Remote Connect location feature. 

Guest Driver 

Do you have a new driver at home? The Toyota Remote Connect App allows parents to monitor preset speed limits, curfew, miles driven and more from their smart device. 

Charging Locator/Charge Management 

Does your 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime need a charge? Double-check battery levels and find the closest electric vehicle charging station with Toyota Remote Connect Services. 

To make Toyota Remote Connect even more convenient, it can be paired with Google Home and Amazon Alexa technology. Use simple voice commands like – Alexa, ask Toyota to start my car – and take automotive convenience to the next level. 

Is Toyota Remote Connect FREE? 

Many drivers who come to see us at Downeast Toyota and are interested in the added convenience of Toyota Remote Connect Services want to know – is Toyota Remote Connect free? Yes and no. With the purchase of select eligible Toyota models, you will enjoy up to a 1-year trial period for FREE where you can determine if Toyota Remote Connect works for you. When that trial period is complete, Toyota Remote Connect is available via an annual or monthly subscription. Contact the Downeast Toyota team for more details. 

Which Toyota Vehicles Are Available with Toyota Remote Connect?  

Do you like the sound of Toyota Remote Connect Services? A convenient option for families who are always on the go, Toyota Remote Connect is available in most Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs. Here are a few popular Toyota options that are available with Toyota Remote Connect Services. 

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What are the Toyota Remote Connect features and how do they work? Find out how Toyota Remote Connect Services can make your life easier with a quick overview created by Downeast Toyota that will help answer many of your questions.  

November 30, 2021
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