What are the benefits of Toyota SofTex synthetic leather interiors?

Toyota SofTex synthethic leather materials and emissions 

What are the benefits of Toyota SofTex synthetic leather interiors? Watch the video below from Toyota or keep reading below to learn about this synthetic leather material. You can find Toyota vehicles with SofTex here at Downeast Toyota in Brewer, ME. 

SofTex video guide created by Toyota Canada on YouTube 

Check out this video to learn about what SofTex is. You’ll also see it up close in a few different shades, which can help you decide whether you find it visually appealing. Come in for a test drive or a tour if you want to feel SofTex materials. 

List of reasons why you should consider a Toyota vehicle with SofTex 

Think of SofTex as an improvement upon leather. Toyota saw that many customers liked leather, but that leather had some clear drawbacks, such as being difficult to clean and care for. Thus, they turned to SofTex materials for their vehicles to fill a gap in the market. Here are the benefits of this material. 

  • SofTex has a leather look and feel, which means it is soft and comfortable. Many people prefer this over cloth materials, the other major material used in vehicle seating.  
  • SofTex is durable and high-quality, which means it won’t easily tear. Ripped seating in a vehicle can bring down resale value. 
  • Unlike leather, SofTex is not an animal-based material. For vegans, vegetarians, and other animal orientated individuals, this is a big reason to buy a Toyota with SofTex.
  • Designed to maintain a comfortable temperature, SofTex won’t get as hot or cold as leather will at the same temperature. This is because it is a highly breathable material. 
  • SofTex seating will dissipate moisture at a faster rate than leather. This helps you stay cooler when getting into a hot car. It also stays cool by reflecting infrared rays from the sun rather than absorbing them. 
  • Seating made with SofTex is dirt resistant and easy to clean. 
  • The manufacturing of SofTex leather generates fewer emissions than leather. This makes Toyota vehicles a great choice for environmentalists.  

March 15, 2022
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