Top 6 Tips and Tricks for Spring Car Care at Downeast Toyota

Tips and Tricks for Spring Car Care and Maintenance 

When you invest in a brand-new 2021 Toyota RAV4, it is important to protect your investment with regular care and maintenance. Spring is on its way and many families are hoping to get back on the road for family adventures this year. Before you hit the road, it is important to make sure your car, truck or crossover is ready for action and this list of tips and tricks for spring car care and maintenance will check all the boxes at Downeast Toyota.  

Wash and Wax Your Toyota 

Road salt is vital in the winter to help keep roads clear and remove ice. When warmer weather arrives, it is important to wash your vehicle to remove road salt, debris, dirt and grime. Do not let that dirt and grime build up on your vehicle and cause rust or other damage this summer. 

Clean and Disinfect the Interior of Your Toyota 

To keep the interior of your Toyota in great condition, it is important to clean the inside of your vehicle after a long winter of tracking snow, dirt and road salt into the interior. Start fresh this spring and get all of the garbage out of your car, give it a good cleaning and disinfect high-touch surfaces. 

Check Your Tire Pressure 

When the temperature changes, your tire pressure will change with it. Make sure to check your tire pressure when temperatures start to climb to ensure that tires are properly inflated and your Toyota provides peak performance this spring and summer.


Check Your Windshield Wiper Blades 

Snow, ice and below-zero temperatures will take their toll on exterior parts like your wiper blades. Check your wiper blades for excess wear and cracking before you hit the road this spring – you will need high-quality windshield wiper blades when it starts to rain. 

Check Oil, Fluids and Belts 

Winter can take a toll on your vehicle and it is important to take a look under the hood when spring arrives. Check your oil, brake fluid and coolant levels this spring to make sure your vehicle is ready for your next family adventure. While you are under the hood, check belts for excessive wear and tear. 

Check Alignment and Suspension 

The suspension on your vehicle will take a beating on harsh winter roads with potholes, rocks, ice and much more doing damage. When spring arrives in Maine, make sure to have the professionals in the Downeast Toyota Service Department check your suspension and alignment.

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Are you ready for winter to be over? Plan ahead for spring and summer road trips with this quick list of tips and tricks for spring car care and maintenance. Schedule a service appointment with the Downeast Toyota Service Department today and let our team of experts get your vehicle ready for the road!

March 10, 2021
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