Is there any dealership offering a military discount in Brewer, ME?

Toyota Military Rebate Program near Bangor, ME 

Are you looking for a dealership with a military discount in the Bangor area? Downeast Toyota participates in the Toyota Military Rebate Program, meaning that eligible military personnel can receive a $500 rebate at our dealership. Read below for more details, and come visit us in Brewer, ME. 

Frequently asked questions about the Toyota Military Rebate 

If you’re military personnel, chances are you can get this rebate. Still, it’s always good to know as much as possible, so read through this FAQ to learn more. Hopefully, we can help you find what you’re looking for. 

Are U.S military veterans and retirees eligible? 

Yes, U.S. military retirees and veterans are eligible for the Toyota Military Rebate. If you’re recently retired or discharged, don’t wait. You are eligible for the rebate within one year of retirement or discharge.  

Do I need to finance my lease or purchase through Toyota Financial Services? 

Yes, you must purchase or lease a new Toyota vehicle through Toyota Financial Services in order to be eligible. You can’t finance it with a third party. You also can’t choose a pre-owned vehicle. 

How do I prove that I am military personnel? 

There are a few documents you can bring in for proof. Options include your leave and earning statement, your military ID card, your DD Form 214, or your certificate of release or discharge. 

Can my partner or spouse claim the military discount for me? 

If you live with your partner or spouse, they could be eligible for the Toyota Military Rebate. Household members of eligible U.S. military personnel including Gold Star families are eligible for the rebate.  

What Toyota models are available with the Military Rebate program? 

All new Toyota models are eligible for the Military Rebate program. At the time of this writing, that means 2022 Toyota models. You can find our current stock on our online inventory. 

Do I need a job in order to get the rebate? 

You must receive a qualifying salary to be eligible. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean having a job. Other forms of income may apply. Apply for credit approval through Toyota Financial Services. 

2022 Toyota Tundra truck front end

2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback rear view

2022 Toyota Highlander front view

Can I combine the Toyota military rebate with the college graduate rebate? 

We also offer the Toyota College Graduate Rebate. However, these two offers are not combinable. You can also not combine it with the iFi program or the Lease-End Refi Program.  

May 6, 2022
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