Top 5 Tips for Safe Winter Driving in Maine

How To Drive on Snow and Ice in Bangor ME 

Winter has arrived in Maine and that means snow and ice on the roads. Maine residents are no strangers to slick roads in the middle of winter – but if you are a new driver or want a refresher on winter driving – we have got you covered at Downeast Toyota. Learn how to drive on snow and ice in Bangor, ME with a few quick tips provided by Downeast Toyota. 

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1. Drive Smooth – Avoid Quick Acceleration and Braking 

In winter weather, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Avoid quick acceleration and sudden braking when you drive on snow or ice. When you accelerate too fast, the wheels will spin and cause you to slide. When you brake quickly, there is a risk of losing traction and sliding.  

2. Concentrate on the Road Ahead 

It is more important than ever to keep your eyes on the road ahead in the winter. Keep your eyes on the road ahead and anticipate the flow of traffic. Give yourself more time to slow down before turns and give yourself more room to stop on snow and ice.  

3. Pay Attention to Traction Control 

When the wheels start to slip and you lose traction on snow or ice, Toyota Traction Control will provide an indicator light on the dashboard. Use this notification to your advantage in the winter and let off the gas pedal when you see the Traction Control indicator light. 

4. Look Where You Want to Go 

When you feel your Toyota start to skid, look where you want to go. Concentrate on where you want to go and take action to make adjustments and get to safety. This is a technique used by race car drivers to stay safe on the track and can help you recover from skids this winter. 

5. Learn How To Handle a Skid 

When winter arrives, you will undoubtedly find yourself in a skid or slide at some point while driving. Do not panic and know how to react and stay safe. Do not mash the brakes, ease off the gas and adjust your steering. When you are driving a rear-wheel drive vehicle, it is important to steer into the skid to regain traction. 

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Learn how to drive on snow and ice in Bangor, ME with this quick list of winter driving safety tips created by Downeast Toyota. Visit the Downeast Toyota inventory today to find a Toyota model like the all-wheel drive 2021 Toyota Camry that is perfect for winter adventures! 

January 26, 2021
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