Learn How To Understand and Use the Toyota Camry MID

How To Customize the Toyota Multi-Information Display

Are you worried about staying connected when you get behind the wheel? Armed with an innovative Multi-Information Display (MID), Toyota models will ensure that you are always in tune with vehicle operations, exterior weather conditions and safety systems. A majority of the models in the brand lineup are equipped with a variation of the Toyota Multi-Information Display that provides customizable settings. Learn how to customize the Toyota Multi-Information Display with this how-to guide that highlights the 2018 Toyota Camry at Downeast Toyota.

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What Can You Do with the Toyota Multi-Information Display?

A convenient feature in your Toyota car, truck or crossover, the Multi-Information Display is located between the tachometer and speedometer, directly in front of the steering wheel. With this feature equipped, you will have vital driving information at eye level when you get behind the wheel.
Toyota Camry models employ a standard 4.2-inch MID that will alert you to shift position, exterior temperatures, odometer and trip meter readings and more. An upgrade to the Toyota Camry seven-inch Multi-Information Display will provide drivers with even more information that includes Toyota Safety Sense system operations, turn-by-turn directions, current speed limits and a customizable menu.

Step-By-Step Guide to Customize the Toyota MID Menu Settings

When you opt for a Toyota model that features a customizable Toyota Multi-Information Display, you will have the ability to use the steering-wheel controls to select the type of information displayed. Using the directional pad on the left side of the steering wheel, you can navigate and select menu settings with a few simple steps.
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  1. Use the Arrows to Scroll Through Menu Settings
  2. Press Enter/Set to Select a Setting
  3. Press and Hold to Reset

What Are the Customizable Menu Settings?

Menu settings on your Toyota MID may vary based on the trim level that you choose, but all will include a few standard settings. Learn more about the available menu settings listed below.
Drive Information – The Drive Information menu setting provides various driving data that includes trip information, fuel consumption, remaining fuel and more.
Audio System Display – This setting displays audio system information when selected that will include the audio source, track title and volume.
Driving Assist System Information – When enabled, this menu setting will provide information specific to cruise control, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Lane Departure Alert systems.
Warning Message Display – When this setting is selected it will provide important warning messages that will warn you of engine malfunctions, low tire pressure and much more.
Eco-Friendly Driving Information – If efficient fuel-economy ratings are at the top of your priority list, this menu setting will highlight fuel consumption in multiple forms to help you maximize fuel economy.

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Are you new to the Toyota brand? Are you still learning about your brand-new 2018 Toyota Tacoma? Learn how to customize the Toyota Multi-Information Display with this quick step-by-step guide that highlights the next-generation 2018 Toyota Camry. Visit the Downeast Toyota inventory today to find a Toyota model that features a customizable Multi-Information Display.

January 11, 2018
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