How-To Guide to the Toyota Smart Key Fob Battery

How To Change the Battery in Your Toyota Smart Key 

The Toyota Smart Key is a key highlight of your Toyota car, truck or SUV that makes it easy to lock and unlock your 2021 Toyota RAV4. With the Toyota Smart Key in your pocket, you can lock, unlock, start or open the trunk of your vehicle without ever taking it out of your pocket – but what happens when your battery dies? Find out how to change the battery in your Toyota Smart Key key fob with this quick step-by-step guide created by Downeast Toyota in the Bangor area.

How To Replace the Toyota Smart Key Battery 

  1. Purchase a New CR 2032 Battery 
  2. Remove the Emergency Key 
  3. Use the Emergency Key to Open the Key Fob 
  4. Use a Small Screwdriver to Remove the Battery 
  5. Insert the New Battery Positive/+ Side Up 
  6. Replace the Rubber Protector and Back of the Key Fob 

July 16, 2021
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