How can we celebrate Memorial Day weekend near Bangor, ME?

Memorial Day 2022 activities and places to go near Brewer and Bangor, ME 

Are you looking for something to do this Memorial Day weekend? If you’re going to be in the Bangor area, there are plenty of options for how to spend your time. We have some ideas below for you to check out. You can find Downeast Toyota nearby in Brewer, ME. 

Three ways to celebrate Memorial Day weekend in Bangor 

Go camping at a new campground in the area 

Camping is the traditional thing to do for Memorial Day weekend, so of course, we’re going to mention it. If you want to switch it up, why not try a campground you’ve never been to before? Here are some ideas for finding a new campsite. 

  • shows you RV and tent sites that you can rent for the weekend. Some camp spots even offer small cabins and private sites.  
  • Check your favorite hiking spots. Often, the places you hike will be next to campgrounds, whether you’ve realized it or not. State and county parks are a great place to start. 
  • Visit your favorite lakes. Many parks are situated by lakes, especially those with public swimming areas. Chances are, if you swim there, you can camp nearby.  

Campgrounds and campsites in Bangor, ME

Where to shop for summer gear in Bangor, ME 

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of summer for many of us. Start your summer off right and get the gear you need for a new hobby. Whether that’s swimwear, bike accessories, or something else, it can be found in Bangor. 

Try Triathlete Sports for active gear 

If you’re ready to get active this summer, treat yourself to some new gear. Triathlete Sports has swim, bike, and run gear for you. 

Shop Slipping Gears for bike accessories 

Avid bikers, check out Slipping Gears. This bike shop offers every accessory you could think of. You can also get bike clothing and services. 

Find summer car accessories at Downeast Toyota 

The right car accessory can make outdoor fun easier. For example, you can get a bike mount to take your bikes with you. Don’t forget your summer tires. 

Try out some unique recipes this Memorial Day weekend 

For those of you planning to grill, we have a few ideas for how you can switch it up. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the traditional affair, but these ideas provide something different. You can always do both. 

  • Carrot hot dogs: Ok, we admit that carrot hotdogs sound strange, but if you happen to have a bag of carrots, there’s no harm in trying them. You can find multiple recipes online, but they usually call for marinading the carrots for a while, so be sure to plan ahead. 
  • Homemade burgers: Instead of buying your burgers, why not make your own? (Or both, just in case.) If you don’t like touching raw meat, you can try a healthy alternative like this lentil burger. 
  • Veggie skewers: Veggie skewers can add some color to your grill. If that’s nothing new for you, you can switch it up by trying unique vegetables. Try adding pineapple, mushrooms, or brussel sprouts. 

May 14, 2022
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