What Are the Advantages of Snow Tires on Your Toyota?

Does Your Toyota Tacoma Need Snow Tires?

Winter is on its way to the Bangor area and promises frigid temperatures and knee-deep snow. Are you ready for winter weather to arrive? If you are a native to the New England area, you already know how treacherous winter driving can be. Even in a trail-ready model like the 2017 Toyota Tacoma, finding traction on the snow and ice can prove to be difficult for even the most seasoned drivers. What you may not know, is that snow tires can have a tremendous impact on driving safety and many car shoppers want to know — does your Toyota Tacoma need snow tires? Find out more about the advantages of snow tires at Downeast Toyota.

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What Are Snow Tires and How Do They Work?

Many vehicles leave the assembly line with versatile, all-season tires that will serve the majority of drivers well for three out of the four seasons. When the snow begins to pile up in the Bangor area this winter, you may find that you are better served by a set of winter tires on your Toyota. Improved acceleration and braking are direct benefits of snow tires.

Advantages and Benefits of Snow Tires

Many drivers believe that all-season tires combined with Dynamic Torque Control All-Wheel Drive or four-wheel drive will provide improved traction. All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive systems may improve handling, although without snow tires, traction will still suffer. Improved traction provided by snow tires will make starting, stopping and handling in snowy conditions safer and simpler.
Testing has shown that models equipped with snow tires will accelerate faster and stop quicker than a model equipped with all-season or summer performance tires. A test vehicle equipped with snow tires accelerated to 40 mph in 11.7 seconds compared to the same model with factory all-season tires that made the same sprint in 14.5 seconds. When testing stopping distance from a speed of 40 mph, snow tires brought the test vehicle to a stop 20 percent sooner than a model shod with all-season tires. Summer tires proved to be even more disappointing on snow and ice.

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Are you ready for winter driving this year? Get ready for the worst weather the Maine winter can deliver with a new set of snow tires from Downeast Toyota. Many car shoppers want to know — does my Toyota Tacoma need snow tires? The short answer is yes. Equipped with snow tires, your Toyota Tacoma will accelerate faster and stop quicker when faced with winter weather conditions. If you need a vehicle more capable of handling winter weather, make sure to explore the Downeast Toyota inventory.

November 17, 2016
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