Can I pre-order a Toyota vehicle in Brewer, ME?

Benefits of pre-ordering a Toyota vehicle online 

Sometimes, you know exactly what vehicle you want, and you can’t find it at a dealership. When that happens, it’s time to pre-order a vehicle. Keep reading below to learn about pre-ordering a Toyota at Downeast Toyota, your dealership in Brewer, ME. 

Pre-Purchase your Toyota at Downeast Toyota Today video by Downeast Toyota 

Three reasons to pre-order a Toyota vehicle 

Not sure if pre-ordering is for you? Pre-ordering can be for anyone, regardless of budget, time, or experience. We’ll make the process easy, find you a great deal, and take even less of your time than if you visited in person. Here’s a breakdown of why you should consider pre-ordering. 

  • Current inventory shortages mean that it is a great time to pre-order a Toyota. If you feel like your options are too limited, then call us to pre-order today, and we can help you find a suitable vehicle. 
  • We can help get you a vehicle that best matches your wants and needs. When you pre-order, you can tell us color choices and equipment choices, and we’ll fill your order with the closest possible match. 
  • Pre-ordering is a great way to save time: the time it takes to drive to our dealership, the time it takes to look through our vehicles, and the time it takes to drive home. Instead, give us a call to place a pre-order from home. 

Does pre-ordering a vehicle cost more? 

No, pre-ordering does not cost more. All vehicles, pre-ordered or not, will have a destination fee due to the cost of shipping them from where they are made. Pre-ordering neither changes that fee nor has extra fees.  

May 19, 2022
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