Young Boy Saluting Next to Snowman Saluting in Toyotathon Home for the Holidays Ad

Toyotathon “Home for the Holidays” Commercial Celebrates Family!

What is the Song in the Toyota “Home for the Holidays” Ad?

Toyotathon is a hallmark of the holiday season and the festive, heartfelt holiday TV commercials are always a highlight of the year. Toyota did not disappoint this year with a “Home for the Holidays” ad that features a loving son teaming up with the rest of the neighborhood to make an army of festive snowmen to welcome home his father who is returning from military deployment. With the debut of this heartwarming commercial, many holiday connoisseurs want to know – what is the song in the Toyota “Home for the Holidays” ad? Find out at Downeast Toyota!

Viewers who love the music in the Toyota “Home for the Holidays” commercial may want to know the title and performer. The song in the commercial is titled “Winter Song” and is written and performed by the duet of Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. Released in December 2017, the song was a hit in Canada and Ireland. Visit the Downeast Toyota inventory this holiday season and find a 2019 Toyota Highlander that will make the perfect Christmas gift!

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“Home for the Holidays”