What Does the Toyota Tacoma ECT Button Do at Downeast Toyota-Bangor ME-2016 Toyota Tacoma Center Console ECT Button

Amplify Performance with the ECT PWR Button in Your New Toyota

What Does the Toyota Tacoma ECT Button Do?

Chances are, if you have recently gotten behind the wheel of the redesigned 2016 Toyota Tacoma, there are still a few mysteries remaining. With so many new and innovative features available in the Toyota Tacoma cabin, things can get confusing. Delve deeper into some of those gee-gaws and doo-dads right here at Downeast Toyota and learn a little bit more about your new Toyota.

A new element that you may notice in your new Toyota is a button on the dashboard marked “ECT”. Even though you have seen it, you may have been a little bit nervous to test it out, for fear of breaking your new truck. If you have asked — what does the Toyota Tacoma ECT button do — we have an answer for you right here. Take a closer look at what the ECT button does, how it works and when to use it.

What is the ECT Button and How Does it Work?

When you were perusing the owner’s manual of your new Toyota Tacoma or looking at a spec sheet for that new 2016 Toyota 4Runner, you may have noticed that each model employs an electronically controlled transmission (ECT). This innovative transmission design employs hydraulics to manipulate clutches and bands, which are controlled by an electronic element of the transmission. As a result, the system is simplified and the transmission provides greater control over vehicle speed and throttle position.

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What Does the Toyota Tacoma ECT Button Do at Downeast Toyota-Bangor ME-2016 Toyota Tacoma Owners Manual ECT ButtonAn electronically controlled transmission provides greater control and possesses the ability to automatically downshift when going downhill, to upshift when braking on slick roads and will prevent an upshift when going into a turn on a winding road. In all of these instances, the ECT improves performance and will reduce wear on your engine.

As an added asset, the ECT button allows you to customize performance when you need a little more power. When you press the ECT button, the transmission will sharpen throttle response and adjust the rpm levels at which the transmission shifts. By allowing the engine to reach a higher rpm before shifting, the ECT button provides a quick burst of acceleration when driving.

When Should You Use the Toyota Tacoma ECT Button?

If you are looking for a quick thrill when you get behind the wheel of your Toyota Tacoma or you want a little extra oomph when you merge onto the freeway, the ECT button will get the job done. As we mentioned above, the ECT button will provide quicker acceleration when in use and can be an asset in several driving situations. Merging with traffic, passing on the highway or climbing steep grades are all examples of a good time to utilize the ECT button. Keep in mind, that excessive use of the ECT button will have a negative impact on your fuel-economy rankings.

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Armed with a better understanding of what the Toyota Tacoma ECT button can do, you are one step ahead of the curve. If you desire a sharper, more athletic driving experience, the ECT button will provide the burst you are looking for. For more information on Toyota models that employ an electronically controlled transmission and an ECT button, contact the Downeast Toyota sales team directly or take a minute to explore the Downeast Toyota inventory.