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Is it Legal to Text and Drive in the State of Maine?

What Are the Texting and Driving Laws in Maine?

Modern technology allows all of us to stay connected no matter where our next adventure may lead with innovative smartphones, Bluetooth technology, Toyota Entune™ 3.0 Wi-Fi Connect and much more at your fingertips. More and more new drivers receive their licenses each day in the Pine Tree State and want to stay connected to friends and family. Teen drivers want to know – is it legal to text and drive in the State of Maine? What are the texting and driving laws in Maine? Find out before you get behind the wheel of your 2020 Toyota Highlander today!

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Can I Text and Drive in the State of Maine?

Gray Car Pulled Over By a Police CarTexting and driving is illegal in the state of Maine – even if you are stopped at a traffic light, stop sign or bus stop – according to Title 29-A Section 2121. This law prohibits the use of a mobile phone, handheld electronic device or portable electronic device in your Toyota car, truck or crossover. With this law in place, it is legal to use hands-free capabilities of your smartphone in a limited capacity. Devices can be used if attached or mounted on the dashboard if the action can be performed with a single push, swipe or tap. Hands-free Bluetooth and voice-to-text capabilities will allow you to send texts in the vehicle without the distraction. Phone calls and texts can be sent when you are parked in a safe location that does not obstruct traffic. Violations of Title 29-A Section 2121 are subject to a $230.00 fine with the first offense and $325.00 with the second offense.

Can I Make Phone Calls and Drive in the State of Maine?

Many teen drivers who are new behind the wheel may want to know – can I answer the phone while I am driving? Can I make a phone call while I am driving? Yes. To make a phone call legally in Maine, you must use voice commands or have the phone mounted to dial and must use the speakerphone function or Bluetooth capabilities. To receive a phone call, you must use a hands-free function to answer the call.

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What are the texting and driving laws in Maine? Find out how you can stay safe and avoid any legal issues when you are on the road in the State of Maine. Visit the Downeast Toyota inventory today to find a model that is equipped with Toyota Entune™ 3.0 and Bluetooth that will help keep you connected on the road!