3 Different Haunted Houses in the Woods at Night

Where Are the Best Haunted Houses and Ghost Tours in Maine?

Top-Rated 2017 Halloween Haunted Houses and Attractions Bangor ME

Do you love the adrenaline rush that you get when you get scared? Do you love haunted houses and spooky ghost stories? If you are looking for Halloween thrills this season, check out this list of top-rated 2017 Halloween haunted houses and attractions in Bangor, ME. With everything from haunted forts to true ghost stories, you will find plenty of Halloween fun in the Bangor area this year.

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Ghostly Bangor Walking Tours

WHEN: Select Days in October
WHERE: Bangor Historical Society

Creepy Grinning Lit Jack-O-LanternWith so much history in the Bangor area, there are more than a few ghost stories. If you love haunts and horrors that are based in real life, the Ghostly Bangor Walking Tours at the Bangor Historical Society will deliver. Learn more about unsolved mysteries, ghost stories, murders and much more that took place in the heart of Bangor as you walk through the streets of the city at twilight.

Fright at the Fort

WHEN: Fridays and Saturdays in October
WHERE: Fort Knox in Prospect ME

Just a quick drive away in your 2018 Toyota Camry, Fort Knox in Prospect is the home of the best haunted attraction in Maine – Fright at the Fort. Explore the haunted fort with new horrors and terrors at every turn. Each night promises new thrills that will make that familiar chill run down your spine and Fright at the Fort is highlighted by a brilliant fireworks display and costume contest on the final night.

Destination Haunt

WHEN: Fridays and Saturdays in October
WHERE: Lord Rd. in Lebanon ME

Undaunted horrors are waiting when you and your friends join in the fun at Destination Haunt. A terrifying haunted attraction that is a fan favorite in Maine, Destination Haunt includes countless haunts like The Butcher, Hobo Village, The Execution Center, Buried Alive Cemetery, The Outdoor Maze, The Clownhouse and much more. Join in the Halloween fear at Destination Haunt this fall.

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Are you looking for a great scare this fall? Check out this list of top-rated 2017 Halloween haunted houses and attractions near Bangor, ME. Whether you enjoy true ghost stories and tours or a traditional haunted house, this list has it all. Make this Halloween even more fun and get behind the wheel of a brand-new Toyota when you visit the Downeast Toyota inventory today!