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What Are Your Plans for Summer 2020 in the Bangor Area?

Things To See and Do in Summer 2020 in the Bangor Area 

Summer is just around the corner and Maine residents are ready to enjoy the sunshine and weather. Are you and your family looking for things to see and do in summer 2020 in the Bangor area? Downeast Toyota has got you covered with a list of our favorite things to do when summer arrives – just hop in your 2020 Toyota RAV4 and enjoy everything that Maine has to offer! 

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Things To See in the Bangor Area in Summer 

Are you looking for that perfect place to take a memorable Instagram photo? Do you love picturesque state parks? Do you love to visit historical sites and monuments? No matter where your interests lie, there are plenty of things to see in the Bangor area this summer. Here are a few of our must-see favorites! 

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  • See Stephen King’s House – Bangor ME 
  • See the Paul Bunyan Statue – Bangor ME 
  • See the Mount Hope Garden Cemetery – Bangor ME 
  • See Acadia National Park – Bar Harbor ME 
  • See Sculptures at Chamberlain Freedom Park – Brewer ME 
  • See Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrows Observatory – Prospect ME 
  • See the Cole Land Transportation Museum – Bangor ME 
  • See the University of Maine Museum of Art – Bangor ME 

Things To Do in the Bangor Area in Summer 

Do you need some extra sunshine after a long winter and dreary spring? No worries – there are plenty of things to do in the Bangor area when summer arrives. Families who enjoy the outdoors or are in search of a new experience will not be disappointed. Here are a few must-do activities in Bangor this summer. 

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Are you looking for new things to see and do in summer 2020 in the Bangor area? Here are a few of our favorites that you and your family may enjoy. Add to your summer fun today and get behind the wheel of a 2020 Toyota Camry at Downeast Toyota!