White 2019 Toyota Avalon on Stage at Chicago Auto Show with Toyota Display in the Background

Next-Generation 2019 Toyota Avalon Adds a Toyota-First Adaptive Suspension

How Does the Toyota Avalon Adaptive Variable Suspension Work?

With the debut of the 2019 Toyota Avalon, automotive aficionados will enjoy premium luxury and next-level performance at an affordable price. The latest Toyota Avalon edition features a brand-new design that is built on Toyota New Global Architecture and employs a wealth of advanced Toyota technology that includes Toyota Entune™ 3.0 with access to Wi-Fi and a Toyota-first Adaptive Variable Suspension. With the addition of a variable suspension system, many car shoppers want to know – how does the Toyota Avalon Adaptive Variable Suspension work? Learn more at Downeast Toyota.

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Toyota Adaptive Variable Suspension Features and Drive Modes

Adaptive suspension systems are hallmarks of luxury automotive brands and will prove to be a welcome addition to the 2019 Toyota Avalon spec sheet. The Toyota Avalon Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) employs innovative technology to maximize control, sharpen handling and upgrade ride quality. Active damping technology will limit body roll at high speeds and will absorb the bumps on the road. To accomplish this goal, the Toyota Avalon AVS utilizes front and rear G Sensors and an intelligent Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

The Toyota Adaptive Variable Suspension system employs G Sensors to monitor vehicle conditions and performance and an intelligent ECU that interprets the information derived from the G Sensors and dictates exact suspension adjustments to the shock absorbers. A maximum of 650 degrees of change provides a wide range of continuously variable damping force that will fine-tune your performance in less than 20 milliseconds. Toyota Avalon editions equipped with AVS allow you to personalize performance with four drive modes – Eco, Normal, Sport+ and Custom. Sport+ Mode will tighten handling and provide a stiffer ride to upgrade performance.

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How does the Toyota Avalon Adaptive Variable Suspension work? Learn more about the Toyota-first Adaptive Variable Suspension to see how it will upgrade performance and ride quality when you get behind the wheel. Visit the Downeast Toyota inventory this spring and slide into the luxurious driver’s seat of the next-generation 2019 Toyota Avalon!