Rabbi, Priest, Muslim Cleric and Buddhist Monk All Cheering on the Same Team at a Football Game

Did Toyota Have Any Ads During the 2018 Super Bowl?

Guide to the Toyota Super Bowl 52 Commercials and Ads

Did you miss the big game this year? Did you party too hard and fall asleep at halftime? If you missed all the action in Super Bowl 52, you may have missed a few of our favorite commercials. As a premier sponsor of the Super Bowl halftime report and a partner of Team USA Olympic and Paralympic athletes, the Toyota brand has put friendship, diversity, technology and mobility on display with three Super Bowl 52 ads. In case you missed these commercials during the big game, this guide to Toyota Super Bowl 52 commercials and ads at Downeast Toyota will fill you in.

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One Team – Super Bowl 52 Commercial  

The first Toyota Super Bowl 52 commercial that you may have missed was titled “One Team” and was aired just after the Toyota Halftime Report. In this creative, fun-filled commercial, viewers got to see a diverse cast of characters that all come together to support their favorite football team as they rush to get to the game in a brand-new 2018 Toyota Tundra. A fun commercial with a good message, this ad follows a rabbi who picks up a priest, a Muslim cleric and a Buddhist monk on the way to the big game. 

Good Odds – Super Bowl 52 Commercial 

A second Toyota Super Bowl ad highlights the brand’s sponsorship of Team USA and the Paralympic Winter Games. In this moving commercial titled “Good Odds”, you get to see what it takes to win a Paralympic gold medal with one billion to one odds as you follow eight-time U.S. Paralympic gold medalist Lauren Woolstencroft on a long and inspiring journey that is aided by Toyota mobility technology.

Mobility Anthem – Super Bowl 52 Commercial 

Mobility is a key aspect of any automotive company and Toyota puts this element on display with its “Mobility Anthem” Super Bowl commercial. In this 30-second ad, Toyota highlights the importance of mobility for everyone across the globe and proclaims that anything is possible when you are free to move. Within the scope of this Super Bowl ad, you will see innovative Toyota designs that include advanced automotive and wheelchair concepts. 

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Are you looking for inspiration this time of year? Do you want to learn more about how Toyota will improve mobility for countless individuals around the world? This guide to the Toyota Super Bowl 52 commercials and ads will fit the bill. Experience Toyota-brand technology firsthand when you visit the Downeast Toyota inventory today!