Fast First Impression: This Girl’s Take on the 2015 Toyota Tacoma.

The best thing about working in the auto sales industry is the time you get to experience the different products. I have a new dream vehicle every couple of days and, right now, it’s the 2015 Toyota Tacoma. I developed an interest in it when photographing it for the dealership’s website. I began crossing my fingers for more chances to drive it around the lot.

2015 Toyota Tacoma Interior

Fortune smiled brightly on me this week when I rented a truck from Downeast Toyota Rental to move a new bed set. I drove off in a brand-spanking new Blue Ribbon Metallic 2015 Toyota Tacoma SR5!

I slipped on my shades, rolled down the windows, and turned up the radio. I felt invincible.

Here, I’d like to share my quick impression and experience using the 2015 Tacoma. I’m not a sales person, so please don’t expect a review full of the proper truck terms and comparisons.

The Tacoma was a pleasure to drive. Smooth, steady and solid is how I would describe the driving experience. The vehicle didn’t disappoint when it came to work time. I had no trouble at all maneuvering the Tacoma back into the shared drive way of an apartment complex on a side street down town. The backup camera view was very clear and guided me easily through the precise movements I had to make between a pole and the neighbor’s car.

I didn’t know what to expect went it came to loading the Tacoma, but I was pleasantly surprised at the adjustable tie-down cleats system in the bed of the truck. The box spring and mattress was securely loaded into the truck and tied down in a matter of minutes.

I took the long way back to my apartment, loving the curves and bends in the road. I mastered the audio controls in the steering wheel in five minutes because of the intuitive set up of the audio system. I arrived way too soon at my destination and finished the task of moving the mattress set in.

I was able to finish phase two of the moving operation completely on my own. Loading and securing my old bed set was just as easy with a simple adjustment of the tie-down cleats systems positioning. To my delight, I was back on the road in minutes, and took an even longer way to the next destination.

This route brought me over country roads as evening turned to night. The height of the truck and headlights system provided excellent visibility, and I navigated the old roads with complete confidence.2015 Toyota Tacoma

The 2015 Tacoma exceeded my fantasies. Though I’m used to driving a smaller vehicle, it took no time at all to adapt to the Tacoma’s handling. It was a hard thing to give the keys back, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and every mile that it was ‘mine.’

-written by BC