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Where Can You Go Snowmobiling in the Bangor Area?

Best Snowmobile Trails near Bangor ME

With white powder blanketing the Maine landscape, many are looking to hit the snowmobile trails. Do you know where you can go snowmobiling in the area? Do you need help finding the best snowmobile trails near Bangor, ME? If you are on the hunt for snow-covered thrills, this guide will point you in the right direction with a list of statewide snowmobile trails, favorite snowmobile club trails and some valuable tips and tricks for you to use when you hit the trails this winter.

Statewide Maine Snowmobile Trails

If you are looking to stay in a specific area, then it’s best to follow club maps as they are more up to date, and club pages typically include current trail conditions. However, if you wish to go on a real adventure, traveling the Pine Tree State on your snowmobile, the Maine Snowmobile Association (MSA) will deliver. All of the snowmobile clubs listed below are a part of the Maine Snowmobile Association, which provides over 4,000 miles of trails for you to navigate on your snowmobile.

A few MSA snowmobile trails pass right by Bangor in case you are looking to ride your snow machine in the immediate area. From there, you can go north, west or east into Canada. The MSA has even lined up trails with New Hampshire and New Brunswick, making it easy for you to explore Canadian trails.

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Goodwill Riders

White Modern Snowmobile on a White BackgroundThe Goodwill Riders Snowmobile Club maintains over 37 miles of trails that serve as connecting points to other club trails between Bangor, Hermon, Newburgh and Winterport. Visit the club website and you will find a list of webcams that you can use to check trail and snow conditions.

Cold Stream Sno-Riders

Just north of Bangor, in the Passadumkeag and Lincoln areas is where you will find the Cold Stream Sno-Riders trails. With nearly 40 miles of well-maintained trails, there are some great places to ride in this region. Hitch up the snowmobile trailer to your new 2017 Toyota Tundra and hit the road this winter to find the perfect snowmobile trail.

Orrington Trail Riders

Just south of Bangor in Orrington, you will find a wonderful trail system that is well-maintained and groomed. More than 36 miles of trails crisscross the area and link up with neighboring snowmobile trail systems to provide hours and hours of thrills when you hit the trail this winter.

Quad County Snowmobile Club

Just over 40 miles north of Bangor, the Quad County Snowmobile Club maintains some beautiful trails that stretch north and south of Springfield and even pass through some lake systems. Check their website for trail condition details.

Snowmobile Safety Tips

Snowmobiling is fun, but it can be dangerous. The first step to staying safe out there on the trails is to be prepared. That means mapping out where you are going to go ahead of time. Don’t keep these plans to yourself — let a friend or family member know when and where you intend to ride. Make sure that you are wearing a DOT-approved helmet and warm clothes, never ride alone and avoid dangerous areas that include lakes and rivers.

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Are you looking for the best snowmobile trails near Bangor, ME? With miles and miles of well-kept snowmobile trails that crisscross the region, there is no shortage of fun and thrills to be found in the area. Keep an eye on the weather forecast this winter and stay safe when you hit the trail. If you need a new vehicle that can tow your snowmobile trailer to your favorite trails, the Downeast Toyota inventory has plenty of models that will fit the bill, including the trail-ready 2017 Toyota Tacoma.