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Where To Go Kayaking, Canoeing and Boating in the Bangor Area

Best Places for Kayaking and Boating in the Bangor Area 

Do you love the great outdoors? Do you love to spend your summer days on the water with friends and family? Whether you love relaxing adventures in your canoe, paddle trips in your kayak, pontoon boat parties or open-air thrills in a motorboat, the Bangor area provides plenty of places for you to enjoy the water. Check out the best places for kayaking and boating in the Bangor area with this quick local guide by Downeast Toyota.  

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Best Lakes for Boating in the Bangor Area 

Did you know that there are more than 6,000 lakes in the Pine Tree State? Each lake in Maine provides boaters with a new experience that promises to be better and more memorable than the last. If you and your family are looking for a new place to go boating this summer, we have plenty of options for you. Hook your boat up to your 2020 Toyota Tacoma and enjoy a few of our favorite boating hotspots! 

Echo Lake – Mt. Desert ME 

Located in Acadia National Park – Echo Lake is the perfect place for a summer adventure on the boat. A boat launch at Ikes Point provides easy access to the beautiful lake with a maximum depth of 66 feet, great fishing, beautiful beaches and incredible views. 

Moosehead Lake – Moosehead ME 

With 120 square miles of water to explore, Moosehead Lake is the perfect destination for a weekend adventure. Public boat launches at several locations provide easy access to Moosehead Lake with a maximum depth of 246 feet. Join in the summer fun and enjoy kayaking, jet skis, fishing and moose safaris on the lake. 

West Grand Lake – Jumbo Landing ME 

Known for its incredible salmon fishing, West Grand Lake is just a quick drive away for Bangor-area boaters. A crisp, clear 14,340-acre freshwater lake, West Grand Lake is perfect for fishing trips in your motorboat and relaxing tours in your canoe or kayak.  

Best Places for Kayaking and Canoeing in the Bangor Area 

Two People Kayaking on a Lake

Do you love to hit the rivers, lakes and streams of the state in your kayak or canoe? Are you looking for a new place to enjoy a water-born adventure? We are here to help with a list of a few favorite places to kayak and canoe in the local area. Find Toyota-brand accessories at Downeast Toyota that will make hauling your kayak simple and safe. 

  • Seboeis Public Reserved Land – Bangor ME 
  • Swan Lake State Park – Swanville ME 
  • Duck Lake Public Reserved Land – Burlington ME 
  • Warren Island State Park – Lincolnville ME 
  • Holbrook Island Sanctuary – Brooksville ME 
  • Donnell Pond Public Reserved Land – Bangor ME 
  • Lamoine State Park – Lamoine ME 
  • Peaks-Kenny State Park – Dover Foxcroft ME 
  • Lake St. George State Park – Liberty ME 
  • Swan Island – Augusta ME 

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Find the best places for kayaking and boating in the Bangor area with this quick local guide created by Downeast Toyota. Find a Toyota car, truck or crossover today that will match your active lifestyle when you visit the Downeast Toyota inventory!