Back to the Future.

Though the future or the finish line is most thought of in people’s minds, it’s important to take time to reflect on your start. When I went back to school as an alumna of New England School of Communications to speak about my experiences in school and the workforce to a freshman class, I was able to do just that.

The 2015 fall Intro to Public Relations Class

The 2015 fall Intro to Public Relations Class

In high school, many of my peers longed for day that they would be able to escape the state of Maine through their college education, but I opted to pursue my education locally at Husson University’s New England School of Communications (NESCom).

Until I prepared for the talk with the class, I didn’t realize how much opportunity had come my way in the greater Bangor area, and how many lessons I had learned through them. Like that freshman class of 14 students, I want to offer those big lessons to you now—free of charge!

  • People are important.

Don’t be so consumed with your future goals that they steal the time that you have now from what matters most. Make time to enjoy your family and friends now. You won’t have those people forever, and time lost is never recovered.

  • The grass grows where you water it.

It’s not about where your ground is located, it’s about what you invest in the ground at your feet. Resolve to have a good work ethic.  Put your best effort into the decisions that you make. Only the best seed offers the best harvest.

  • It’s who you know.

Whether it’s day to day business in the professional world, or you’re just trying to first get your foot in the door at the dawn of your career, personal connections and contacts have the power to open the door or keep it shut.

Finally, every finish has a start. Every start leads to a finish. Your effort and character will determine what kind of finish that will be.

-Written by Beth Churchill

Marketing Assistant

Downeast Toyota – Scion