New Owner’s Event

The other day, I had the opportunity to go to the New Owner’s Event at Down East Toyota- Scion. Though I’d so love to say that I was one of the new car owners, especially one of the new 2014 Toyota Corollas, I wasn’t. My title for the event was the newly hired Marketing Assistant, also known as “The New Kid.” Though I attended as a part of my orientation to the dealership, I probably enjoyed myself as much as the new Toyota owners did.

The floor opened with dealership experts speaking about and explaining the different benefits the new owners became eligible for as soon as they purchased their vehicle. Vehicle warranties, servicing, and maintenance were all explained, and specific questions from the new owners were answered as they came up.

New Owner's Event

Downeast Toyota’s Spring New Owner’s Event

It got really fun when all of the owners were divided up into groups according to the vehicle type they had purchased. I decided to go ahead and live my dream, if just for the evening, and went along with the Corolla owners. We were guided through the campus of Down East Toyota and got to see many demonstrations that aligned with the topics that were talked about at the beginning of the event. We were shown a tire alignment test, samples of tires of varying wear, samples of old and new air filters and cabin air filters, and were always able to have our questions answered.

After seeing the service center, the body shop, and the drive up service garage, the evening came to a close with some give-a-ways, gifts and a final presentation. For this presentation we were escorted out to the parking lot where a funny looking package was set up 30 or 40 feet away from us.

Airbag Deployment

Air bag demonstration.

This package was an undeployed air bag that was fired off on the count of three with a huge BANG! I couldn’t believe how quickly that thing deployed, or that I would get to see something that impressive happen  my third day on the job!

-Beth, Marketing Assistant at Down East Toyota Scion