Which is better for you, all- or four-wheel drive?

Best Toyota models for winter driving

Driving during the winter season in our area has the occasional pit falls of snow-covered and slippery roads. The best Toyota models for winter driving available at Downeast Toyota will feature either four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. There is a difference between these two systems, however, at the most basic level both are designed to offer the ability for the vehicle to maintain traction in less-than-ideal conditions. The Brewer, Maine-based dealership offers nearly 10 different Toyota vehicles with either all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The available inventory is such, that anyone interested in taking home one of these vehicles should be able to find something that meets their needs and budget.
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What is the difference between four- and all-wheel drive?

While it may be common for people to use four- and all-wheel drive interchangeably when discussing the systems, this isn’t strictly true. Four-wheel drive (4×4) and all-wheel drive are found on different types of vehicles and use different components to perform the vehicle’s necessary functions.

According to the leading automotive website, Edmunds.com, all-wheel drive carries the definition: A drivetrain that employs a front, rear and center differential to provide power to all four wheels of a vehicle. Edmunds goes on to define four-wheel drive as: A drivetrain that employs two differentials and transfer case to provide power to all four wheels of a vehicle.

Here is what this means to buyers, all-wheel drive is found on lighter vehicles like crossover SUVs and is well-suited for maintaining positive traction on regular road surfaces like asphalt or concrete. Four-wheel drive is typically found on vehicles that will be used in off-road conditions such as mud or other unbroken trails. Any Downeast Toyota sales professional will be happy to assist customers in analyzing which system and associated vehicle is best for their needs.

2016 Toyota vehicles with four-wheel drive

The Downeast Toyota inventory has four models offering four-wheel drive to customers. These models include the 2016 Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra and Toyota Land Cruiser. For the new model-year, the four-wheel drive system on the new Tacoma and Tundra pickup trucks allow for each vehicle’s impressive towing and performance scores with in each separate class of the automotive industry. The new 4Runner and Land Cruiser models are special because of the available terrain management systems found with the SUVs.
4Runner Inventory
Land Cruiser Inventory
Tacoma Inventory
Tundra Inventory

2016 Toyota vehicles with all-wheel drive

Just like the Edmunds.com definition alluded to, the 2016 Toyota vehicles with all-wheel drive tend to be lighter-duty and are among the most popular passenger vehicles sold at Downeast Toyota. 2016 Toyota models with all-wheel drive include the new Toyota RAV4, Toyota Sienna and Toyota Highlander. Crossover SUVs like these, and Sienna minivan, are typified by having plenty of comfortable passenger space that is easily converted into expansive cargo spaces. Each of the three options in this category make its case for being the best Toyota models for winter driving by offering flexible interiors as well as efficient operation.
Highlander Inventory
RAV4 Inventory
Sienna Inventory
If you would like to take a closer look at any of the Toyota models at Downeast Toyota with all- or four-wheel drive, make an appointment with one of our sales professionals today.

December 11, 2015
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